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Fred Says… By Amanda Mullen Quiet?

Fred Says… By Amanda Mullen Quiet?

Fred Says… By Amanda Mullen


Packing my suitcase and hitting the skies this Spring, I have noticed more and more that "Quiet Luxury" is in every city. It is described by fashion insiders as less austere than minimalism but more stylish than "normcore." Famed wardrobe stylist Michelle Matland's wardrobe choices for "Succession" are popping up in Aspen, at the Polo Matches in Wellington, and the Streets of New York City. Yes, we are seeing this trend in Miami at my boutique in Sunset Harbor. There is a stealth wealth fashion movement happening across the country. Logos are an absolute "No No" because people feel it takes away from the look.

My customer core has been looking for understated chic but still loves pieces that express themselves. This trend has tipped over into the accessory realm of bags too; gone are the capacious bags that could rival Mary Poppin's signature carryall; instead, there is a pop in sales of neutral sustainable clutches.

As sleek minimalist wardrobes catch the eyes of a specific customer, I wonder if everyone wants to be clothed in understated tones and simplistic silhouettes, almost in a way stating they have fashion fatigue and capsule wardrobes, or elevated basics are just more effortless. This is not the first time this "stealth wealth" trend has popped up. In the 1990s, Donna Karan and MiucciaPrada led the charge, followed by it returning in 2007-8. My final take is that investing in long-lasting quality staple pieces that create less waste is always a good move, but we still need to express ourselves. Fashion allows us to create our own individual style stories. Chanel will not rebrand, and edgier silhouettes will always be at the Met Ball, on the world runways, and in my Sunset Harbour store in Miami.

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