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Fred Black Says by Amanda Mullen

Fred Black Says by Amanda Mullen

Visiting Miami Beach during the 2021 season I searched for a boutique with the “wow” fashion gems like I always find in New York City. You know that moment when you walk into the cool hidden boutique and you see that piece to die for. You spot it on the rack hiding amongst all the other clothing, and it unexplainably grabs your attention. Then you pray it fits for that social event you've had scheduled on your calendar for months. When creating Fred Black I wanted the shopper to have that moment; that experience that keeps them coming back for more.

The store design was inspired by Soho in the 80s when art and fashion dominated downtown NYC. I wanted it to be a fashion destination and a gallery for my personal art collection. I wanted it to feel fun with a bit of funk that immediately inspired someone to wear something a little different from their typical wardrobe. 

I chose my first location in Sunset Harbour, an emerging neighborhood on Miami Beach that bustles with the latest restaurants, cutting-edge fitness classes, and top beauty spas. I knew the neighborhood was perfect because it still had a bit of edge with towing and auto repair companies next to the hot new workout classes. 

Fred Black is the store for when you pop into Miami Beach for the weekend and want to shop for that WOW piece. I don’t know about you but when I arrive in Miami, I immediately want to put on something a little more fun and colorful; so different from my all black New York City uniform. 

My current favorite FB essentials for March -

DaytimeLondon Slvrlake high-waisted jeans with Silk Mess Turquoise Fleur Du Mal Bustier 

PoolWhite Dolores Dolla Swim Bikini with the Janessa Leone Aisles Hat

Night OutLaMarque Feather Top paired with the Kimberly Taylor Amanda Pant 

No time for shopping in-store; our website has my latest edits and is a seamless online shopping experience. 



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